"Avital! Thank you sooooo much! This is so lovely! Such amazing photos! I've been meaning to tell you that I'm truly a fan of you photography work. You have such an amazing eye and take stunning photos. I really enjoy seeing your work and want to thank you again for taking such wonderful photos from the day." - Negin Bahrami

"A Big Thank you to Avital for taking our family photos! I highly recommend his work. He was patient, kind and has a great eye for the best picture." - Stephanie Allen

"The quality of the shots is fantastic, artistic and the variety of the photos is amazing -- making my decision making very challenging" - Michael L. Van Cooten, Publisher & Editor, of Pride News Magazine

Welcome to my site!

I am a Toronto based photographer who loves to shoot weddings, live music, portraits, and almost everything else.

I photograph in order to capture moments and subjects that would otherwise go unnoticed. I strive to simplify or distill my subjects to their essential elements and form, to abstract them from their original context or function, to view them in a new context, and attempt to transform their meaning for the viewer. I am drawn to textures, patterns, simple lines and shapes, and am compelled to find the innate orderliness of things. I enjoy photographing my neighbourhood, my community, my family, strangers on the street, and any one else who wants their pictures taken!. My hope is to reveal the extraordinary in ordinary things.

Please feel free to call 647.219.0726 or click on the 'CONTACT' link above.

Thank you for visiting,


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